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We know that protecting your personal information is extremely important to you. diabetix™ uses the best and most respected independent companies to monitor and certify that it is safe and secure for you to provide your personal information.
diabetix™ is formulated to help you maintain lower blood sugar and can also help you lose weight. This sugar-busting diet aid derived from plant flavonoids can help you absorb 30% fewer calories, burn carbs for energy, not store them as fat. diabetix™ is different than fen-phen, synephrine and other anti-obesity supplements because it does not increase metabolism; it works with the body’s natural mechanisms to manage sugar. It features Emulin® an all-natural Green Coffee Bean blend (featured on Dr. Oz) that “emulates insulin” by interrupting sugar metabolism in 7 ways.

  • inhibits the conversion of complex carbohydrates to simple sugars
  • reduces the absorption of glucose from the gut to the bloodstream
  • stimulates the absorption of glucose from the bloodstream to muscle tissue
  • inhibits gluconeogenesis by the liver
  • increases lipolysis in fat tissue
  • increases insulin sensitivity by increasing glucose transporters in muscle tissue in the presence of insulin
  • increases insulin release from pancreatic tissue by blocking the inhibitor TNF alpha

Clinically proven, Patented and best of all, gut friendly.
“Clinical results suggest that Emulin®, if consumed regularly, could not only have the acute effect of lowering the glycemic impact of foods, but chronically increase insulin production and sensitivity, lower background blood glucose levels of type 2 diabetics, and not only arrest, but reverse the development of diabetes in pre-diabetic individuals.”
Ralph DeFronzo, MD
Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Diabetes Division at the University of Texas Health Science Center

"This is one of the most difficult and extreme research models to test with and I was very impressed with the outcome...I have never seen anything perform like this in this severe of a model, other than insulin may be regenerating B[eta]-cells"
Dr Gary Grover,
Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Director of Pharmacology for Eurofins. dgd Cetero Labs.
"Emulin® does a better job at reducing blood sugar levels in type II diabetes than metformin, the most commonly prescribed drug. Emulin®...[is] a genuine breakthrough."
Dr. Mark Kipnes
Executive Vice President, Associate Medical Director of dgd Cetero Labs
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